Cordelia Thornberry

Cordelia t

Cordelia Thornberry
Radcliffe (husband), Marianne (daughter-in-law), Nigel (son), Eliza (granddaughter), Debbie (granddaughter), Donnie (grandson)
None known
None known
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Cordelia Thornberry is a recurring character in The Wild Thornberrys. She would love nothing more than for her son, Nigel, to settle down and become a tenured professor at Oxford. Unfortunately, that wish seems unlikely since the need for adventure is firmly implanted in her son's blood. Cordelia lives with her husband Radcliffe at Thornberry Hall in Scotland, a giant mansion filled with servants and luxurious rooms. Her wealthy upbringing makes it hard for her to accept her son's choice in the life he chooses to lead, as well as what he and Marianne subject their children to. Still, Cordelia is proud of her son in her own way, even if she has a hard time showing it.


Cordelia Thornberry is the mother of Nigel. She is also the grandmother of Eliza, Debbie, and Donnie. She has a difficult time showing how she is proud of her son, as she wishes he could do something besides travel all over the world.


Cordelia has peach skin, small white eyes with black pupils, and gray hair. She is normally shown wearing a blue coat and a pink undershirt along with purple pants, black shoes, and white socks.


Cordelia Thornberry has appeared in several episodes of The Wild Thornberrys. Her first appearance was in Sir Nigel, though she was mentioned before this episode aired in Have Yourself a Thornberry Little Christmas.

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